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Joey Shibata
Joey Shibata
03:47 04 Aug 22
Excellent and professional service. Even when there was a problem with the repairs, the recovery... effort was seamless! I felt well cared for by this team. The estimate was comprehensive. They identified additional damage that was then fixed. Communication was great! Email, text, phone calls and face to face conversation were filled with information and follow up and was greatly appreciated. Their relationship with Enterprise made it super easy to get a rental. Their ability to quickly solve the problem when I came back was spot on and made the additional fix easy to understand and expectations being met to satisfaction. Great job unibody!read more
eunice agno
eunice agno
19:51 20 Nov 20
This place is super good at informing you about your vehicle and they have an automated text... messaging updating you of the status of your vehicle. This place did an awesome job with the repairs with my car.Super welcoming team and very professional.Would most likely be back here for any body work or repairs. Highly recommend them.read more
Kourtnee Whelan
Kourtnee Whelan
22:37 28 Oct 20
Friendly and communicative. Thorough and professional. I appreciated the text updates and ease of... the entire repaired process. Aside from completing the repair quickly, when I picked up my car it was freshly washed and vacuumed! Great attention to detail!read more
K Shirota
K Shirota
07:37 09 Oct 20
The service was good, friendly, I appreciate my car being completed 1 & 1/2 days before scheduled... date!But, someone turned ON and left my a/c on the ON position & blasted my radio volume! Which I didn’t appreciate!Because of COVID-19 workers should NOT have touched my A/C and Radio! The repair to my car was to the Front bumper area! NOT the inside of my car!!!Also the complimentary car wash was appreciated but my car wasn’t washed good! Windows were still dirty & body of car wasn’t washed good! If your going to do a complimentary car wash at least do a great job!!!read more
J Nakano
J Nakano
19:52 04 Oct 20
Great customer service! Easy to make an appointment and to get an estimate of the job ordered. ... Quick turn around time as the car was done before the date of completion promised. Very efficient but at the same time producing excellent quality of the job/repair. This is not the first time that we've used their services and it will not be the last.read more
alberto sarpamones
alberto sarpamones
22:50 01 Oct 20
Very attentive and professional service. Taryn Torres shows a lot of dedication and professionalism... in her job making the process easy going and in and out, she knows her job very well. The receptionist Melissa was also very professional and nice. The quality of the work and repair on my Colorado were outstanding, no complaints. This the second time I took my Colorado there for repairs from other peoples mishaps. I highly recommend there service to anyone.read more
Josephine Domingo
Josephine Domingo
20:18 30 Sep 20
Unibody Autotech staff in Mapunapuna are very well knowledgeable and honest. Taryn was very helpful... and she pretty much gave me the right information I need about the damages and solutions with my vehicle. I received the updates with process and tracking with the repairs very timely. I received more updates and she walked us through the entirety of the process when we picked up our car. Also, provided us with more details on how to preserve our vehicle lifespan whether it’s for paint, tires, suspensions, and rims. I was very worried to where I will be bringing my car for repairs and so I had a difficult time finding the right shop. Thank you very much for taking care of our car and thank goodness I chose Unibody Autotech!read more
John B
John B
04:34 19 Aug 20
Outstanding work and customer service! My insurance company sent me here so I just went with it... having never heard of them. After my service was complete I can honestly recommend them with no doubts to anyone considering them. A special thanks to Ms. Taryn who guided me through the whole process and kept me informed at all times of what was happening with my vehicle. Ms Taryn was always pleasant and courteous, and answered all my questions in a timely manner! A big Mahalo for getting my vehicle taken care of!read more
Jacqueline Axtell
Jacqueline Axtell
22:15 13 Jul 20
Everything was so easy and they are very kind, patient and helpful throughout the whole process.... You feel very valued and well taken care of. The estimate is fast and thorough and on repair day the rental was waiting for me once I was checked in. They went over the repair details with me and I was on my way. They sanitized the inside of my truck upon arrival. I was hit on my back bumper and side panel. I got my truck back looking newer and better than when I drove it off the lot new. Beautiful work on the repair, the outside was washed and shined and the inside was wiped down and vacuumed. I was blown away. I will use Unibody for any need I have in the future. Thank you very much.read more
Alyshia Blythe
Alyshia Blythe
00:57 09 Jul 20
Everyone was very friendly and accommodating. I made so many last minute changes to the drop off... date and times and they were so nice about it. The car looks great, is nicely washed and they even cleaned the inside front area. The repair time was fast, finished a couple days before their projected time frame. Highly recommend this business!read more
20:51 18 Jan 17
Instead of replacing my bumper and support bracket, they repaired it, then proceeded to epoxy my... bumper to the bracket because they're either lazy or incompetent. The epoxy broke free and now after cleaning it up and removing it, the bumper won't snap into its clips. Now they claim the bumper is back ordered and it's been over two months.The receptionist is excellent though, the administrative part went very smooth.January 2017 - They've finally replaced the bumper and bracket, yet the bumper is hanging off of one side of the car and won't clip into place. The tape job was also poorly done, so the paint lines are not straight. This place is really awful and can't get it right. The only thing that isn't terribly off is the paint color, which was matched rather well.read more
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Take a Moment and Learn About The Repair Process

Understanding Automotive Repair

Estimates and the process of planning auto repair work can be confusing. We get a lot of questions about car repair quotes from customers. That’s why we want to take a moment to break down the estimating procedure and what it includes.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, to estimate means to generally calculate the expected price. The itemized estimate handed to car owners requesting repairs is an approximation of the total cost.


Transitive verb

  1. “to produce a statement of the approximate cost of;”
  2. “roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of.”


  • “a rough or approximate calculation: a numerical value obtained from a statistical sample and assigned to a population parameter;”
  • “a statement of the cost of work to be done.”


  1. Calculate roughly, approximate, guess.
  2. Appraisal, assessment, estimation, evaluation.

In the collision repair industry, an estimate is just the starting point for planning repair work. Unlike a comprehensive ‘repair plan’ which is performed after disassembly of the damaged vehicle, a quote doesn’t usually represent the final price for the work needed.

Only when the car is taken apart will the auto body shop have a truly accurate assessment of the damage. At that point, they will have a concrete idea of how long repairs will take and the specific parts that need to be ordered. The estimate serves to inform car owners of the parts and labor likely needed to fix it properly.

When the repair shop disassembles the vehicle and understands better the severity of the damage, they may find that additional work will be required. At Alexander’s, we work with the insurance company to get the claim completed and get the repair done well.

When an estimate is written, we cannot guess or make assumptions. In an original estimate, we can only write of what we see. That’s why there is usually a supplement. Another cause of supplements is the high rate of plastic parts being used on vehicles nowadays. Manufacturers are not considering the potential for things to be taken apart and reused. Instead, they are mostly focused on getting things off the assembly line, cheaply and quickly.

If a supplement is needed, the auto body shop will send a supplement request to the car insurance company. The repair shop must put the work on hold until the supplement is approved. This usually takes anywhere from two days to a week. An insurance adjuster may need to inspect the car before giving the ‘go ahead.’

After the insurance company approves the supplement request, any necessary parts can be ordered. The repair shop may need to wait a few days for the additional parts to arrive before completing the work.

The initial payment, made when you accept a repair estimate, is based on the quoted amount. This may not be the final cost of the parts and labor involved in the repair. Information included with the initial payment receipt explains that supplements may be necessary. If additional damage is found during the repair process, the shop will contact the insurance company to get approval for any supplemental charges before completing the job.

“We make supplemental insurance requests every day, on over 85% of our jobs,” says Jon Roach, owner of Alexander Body & Fender. “It’s important for customers to understand that any insurance estimate or body shop estimate is an educated ‘best guess’. We work really hard to avoid unpleasant surprises, but we also ensure that the job is done right.”

Because estimates are based on an initial assessment of the car damage, it’s also a reflection on the repair shop’s expertise. Don’t waste time and energy running around town to get more than one quote for car repair work. It’s best to choose a reliable shop and let them work through the normal insurance claim process.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, to estimate means to generally calculate the expected price. The itemized estimate handed to car owners requesting repairs is an approximation of the total cost.



Air Conditioning Repair

We understand the importance of a well functioning air conditioning system, especially here in Hawaii during the summer months. UNIBODY Autotech mechanics are kept up to date on the forefront of automotive AC technology, utilizing high-grade refrigerant and replacement components to ensure your system is running like new.

A properly functioning air conditioning system is paramount to the comfort of your car, and an inefficient system blowing warm, stale air can make even the shortest of trips miserable. If the air your car blows takes too long to get cool or is not as cool as it used to be, it’s time to get your AC system checked.

Auto Refinishing

UNIBODY Autotech utilizes PPG,  the world’s premium refinishing system. The PPG Refinish Assurance Plan is our guarantee that work done by UNIBODY Autotech will be free of material defects for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. The plan applies to all PPG products and additives, and covers.

  • Cracking or checking
  • Hazing, chalking or fading leading to a sever loss of gloss
  • Peeling of the topcoat or any layers from the substrate

From premium products and services, to the industry’s simplest, most accurate color match, the PPGs auto refinishing system will have your vehicle back on the road in pre-accident condition in no time.

Brakes and Suspension

The most important safety system by for on your car is the braking system. Being able to stop at a moments notice is the difference between a close call and a dangerous incident. This being said, it is important to choose a quality trained, nationally certified technician when checking the braking system.

The car’s suspension system is often seen as a provider of solely the ride comfort in the vehicle, dampening the turbulence of the drive. This system is consistently overlooked when it comes to driver safety, as suspension is the primary aide in providing stability and control over the car, especially at higher speeds.

UNIBODY Autotech Collision Center performs comprehensive inspections of braking and suspension systems to ensure the reliability and safety of your vehicle. Our treatment services include brake bleeding, rotor and pad replacement, as well as spring and strut replacement.

Frame Straightening & Collision Repair

Sometimes damage occurs to the body of your vehicle (think small fender bender), and often times the damage is much more extensive (think T-bone). When extensive damage occurs, it is vital that vehicle gets repaired properly. The vehicle’s frame is as important as a house’s foundation. If not properly repaired, a vehicle could become unsafe to operate. If frame damage to your vehicle occurs: frame, re-alignment and repair is required. Specialized equipment and know-how is required to fix a vehicle’s frame.

UNIBODY Autotech uses a machine called a ‘frame straightener’ that uses hydraulics and torque to slowly bend the frame back into its pre-accident condition. The entire process of straightening the frame involves using lasers and reflective dimensions to perfectly align the vehicle’s body down to one millimeter of accuracy. If your vehicle’s frame is damaged, look no further than UNIBODY Autotech to conduct the necessary repairs.

Wheel Alignment

A vehicle’s wheel alignment is an important factor in vehicle safety as it can impair the driver’s ability to drive safely. Often the vehicles wheel misalignment is obvious, as the problem causes physical pulling of the car to one side or even vibration of the car.

There are some cases, however, that are more subtle to the point where the driver doesn’t notice but are just as dangerous, making regular checkups regardless of the vehicle behavior important for driver safety. Our mechanics are equipped with a state-of-the-art wheel alignment mechanism to make your alignment visit quick and easy.

Very professional experience! Chose this place from the reviews I've read and they are amazing. Took my car in to get quoted and was able to get the work done in less 3 days. From start to finish the experience was great! I highly recommend them to any that need repairs!

Mesa A.

5 Star Review From Yelp
Great experience overall. I was hit on the side from someone who didn't make a complete stop/yield at her red light. I spun out a few times but luckily no one was hurt.

After dropping off my rig to Unibody they made it easy from start to finish. The receptionist was kind and Vance the estimator was awesome. Walked me through the whole process and ordered all the damaged parts as needed. Would def recommend if you're looking for a auto collision shop. Mahalo!!

Matthew L.

5 Star Review From Yelp

They were highly recommended by Geico after I got sideswiped and had to get my vehicle repaired.  Unibody AutoTech provided exceptional service and great quality in their workmanship.  They also have an Enterprise office at their location which makes it so convenient to obtain a rental car.  My repair was done before the allotted time frame.  Very pleased with their service,
Mahalo Unibody Autotech!

Star S.

5 Star Review From Yelp
Very organized clean shop. They did excellent work and in a timely fashion. The rental car pick up drop off is in the shop as well, very convenient. Overall very impressed with my experience.

Stephen R.

5 Star Review From Yelp
Had a great experience getting my car fixed here after a fender-bender. The customer service was great -- they contacted me in a timely manner and my car was ready exactly when they said it would be. The work they did on it looked great. Vance was awesome, and the service counter folks were awesome too -- super nice and helpful. Would def recommend Unibody to anyone.

Karen R.

5 Star Review From Yelp